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Casinoswing reviews online casinos that pay. Welcomes worldwide including USA, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. We are an independent marketing and advertising firm dealing with the on line gaming industry.

We thoroughly monitor our associated sponsors through careful investigation of their financial, legal and ethical standards when it comes to dealing with customers.

There are already thousands of Internet casino websites, and many are nothing more than scamsters, out for a quick buck, at the expense of their unknowing clients.

While we have no legal affiliation with any of our client operators, we can vouch for their honesty and record of prompt payouts to past customers, and until we learn otherwise, will continue to endorse their operations on our web site.

NO GAMBLING IS CONDUCTED FROM THIS WEB SITE When a link is clicked, the visitor is immediately transported to a host country where the casino operators are licensed to do business with International clients. does not track website visitors and no "cookies" are planted into the browsers of our site guests.

Should you elect to do business with any Internet casino, anywhere, be advised that your e-mail address will be captured and you will most likely be the future recipient of e-mail offerings. Most such offers will give you the option to "unsubscribe" from future mailings. That will, of course, be entirely up to you.

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